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Already have a Learning Management System (LMS)

Then you can use our courses on your system 

Your Learning Management system needs to be SCORM compatible either SCORM1.2 or SCORM2004. 

View our full eLearning course list here. 

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When you know what courses you want to add to your LMS then get in touch here to discuss costs and how we can help you integrate our courses with your system. 

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Our technical team will help you through the integration process by setting up a test course first and making sure your our course is fully functional on your system.


If you have any questions about integrating with your system then just ask.

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Want something different? 

We can develop your idea or topic and create your own wellbeing course programmes. 

Our experienced course developers will help you 

  • Develop your idea

  • Plan your course structure 

  • Integrate course interactions to challenge the student

  • Assist in creating your assessment method 

  • Ensure the course flow creates high learner engagement

Contact us and book a demo session

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