Be your best self at work with Beam’s on-demand eLearning Wellbeing Library. Just like physical fitness, looking after your mental health and wellbeing needs ongoing care and attention. Invest in yourself by subscribing to Beam’s eLearning Wellbeing Library, giving you access to a full range of interactive courses designed to help you become happier and healthier at work.


Our eLearning Wellbeing Library includes Beam’s comprehensive content on resilience, confidence, Imposter Syndrome and more - with new material added every month.


It’s designed to empower you to take care of your wellbeing at work whether you’re employed, run your own business or are a freelancer.

Our eLearning Library

All courses in our library are available on-demand so you can learn whenever and wherever you like, completing them in any order you choose, and revisiting them any time you want to.


With our signature courses individually priced at £99 each, subscribing to our eLearning Wellbeing Library offers a cost-effective way to invest in your self-development and self-care. You’ll also become part of our Beam community, and our monthly emails with fresh content will encourage you to commit to your regular wellbeing at work routine.


We know that people like to learn in different ways, so our courses, mini series and tasters include a combination of theory, exercises, reflection and ‘homework’ so you can focus on the learning style that suits you best.

Here are some of the courses in the library

Keyboard and Mouse



What you get in the library

In the library you will have access to ALL of the Beam Training courses. 

Every month +2 NEW courses will be added

You will have your own personalised log in and dashboard

Hours of interactive and immersive courses

Self led learning with no classroom pressure

Improve your self belief and confidence

The lessons to become a better you.

You can access on Desktop, Mobile and Tablets

What our students say about our courses


“I felt this course had the perfect balance between Lianne talking, reading materials  and activities to keep you engaged. I think it caters for all types of learning styles with plenty of opportunities for recaps to cement the learning. The platform is user friendly and encourages you to take your time with the option to re-visit any aspect time and time again.” 

—  Sandra L

Company Users

If you are an employer and would like to chat about bringing the benefits of Beam’s eLearning Wellbeing Library to your employees, contact us for options tailored to your company. We offer: 

Unlimited user access to the library

Detailed analytics/reports of student progress 

Company branded dashboard and learning content

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Individual User

As an individual user you can sign up and start your eLearning journey with us now.

Follow the Join Us button below and choose your subscription option.

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