Getting Started

The Dashboard

Once you have logged in you will find yourself at the wellbeing library dashboard. Your Dashboard will look something like this. 


Here you will be able to access 

  • Courses you are enrolled on

  • Course progress

  • Certificates 

  • Course Stats 

  • Contact Administrator 

  • Update your password

Getting Started with a Course 

Select the course you wish to start by clicking on the title. 

Course instructions.JPG

You will be instantly loaded onto the first page of the course. Each course instructions are slightly different according to the type of course you are on. 

Read through the course introduction and use the directional arrows to guide you through the course. 

Course Menu.JPG
Course Menu

By clicking on the        icon in the top left of the page you will be able to access the course menu. 


Here you will be able to check on the progress you have made in the course 


Each topic will indicate how my sections there are along with a tick indicator to confirm you have fully completed all of the interactions on that page. 


All of our course are designed so you have to complete the page before moving on and this means you cannot complete the course assessment before the topics and sections before have been completed. 


In the bottom section you will be able to get the course information and exit the course at any time. Your work will be automatically saved.  

The Resources 

When you select the 'Resources' a light box will appear to give you the opportunity to download each file in a PDF format. There also points through the course where you will be able to download necessary files.

Resources page.JPG
Downloading Certificates 

When you have completed a course 100% and passed the assessment you will able to download the course certificate from the dashboard. If the course CPD accredited got to CPD certificates page for more info. Your certificate will be generate and ready to download in PDF format. 

Certificate Sample 
Changing your password 


If you have had to reset your password you update it once logged in. Remember to make a note or save it somewhere safe. 

change password.JPG
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