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Beam Feedback

Hear from our students and clients about their experiences with Beam and how they have been impacted by what we do.


Hear from Abi Carter who runs Forensic Resources Ltd in Cardiff. Learn how our workshops and wellbeing sessions helped the staff at Forensic Resources.


Bob attended our 6 week resilience programme whilst working at the Office for National Statistics and saw incredible results from the changes he made. Listen to Bob and hear about his incredible transformation following the programme.


Hear how working with Beam has helped Kendal and left a lasting impact around the office at the Office for National Statistics. 


Louise from Creu Cymru is part of a collaborative network that champions the performing arts and has been a client of ours for the past few years, hear why having Beam support their wellbeing training is important.


Keith was one of the first students to go through our resilience programme and he is still telling people the benefits he got from the course almost 3 years later. 


Hear how Simon has been using tools and techniques daily after attending our 6 week resilience programme. 


Hear what effect our 6 week resilience programme had on Natalie and how she now has a toolbox of techniques to help her when she faces a challenge.


We have worked with Fran from City Parents over the last few years delivering a variety of sessions. Hear Fran's experience of working with Beam. 

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