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We also offer a list of 1 hour hot topic courses that can be easily add to your working day without much any disruption. 

Body Confidence Workshop

A one hour session designed to help you to start accepting the body that you have using tools and techniques to treat yourself kinder. Understand how our relationship with our bodies can become damages and how we can start to rebuild that relationship to become more comfortable in our own skin.

1 hr

Over Coming Worrying Workshop

More than 70% of us describe ourselves as worriers and if you are one of them, you will know that worrying has both physical and emotional negative impact. This session will teach you why we worry, practical tools to over come being a worrier and how to move forward in your life as someone who feels in control.

1 hr

Intro to Mindfulness Workshop

A one hour introductory session to mindfulness ideal for anyone who is interested in learning how they can bring mindfulness into their lives. Learn what mindfulness is, the benefits of practicing mindfulness and simple ways in which you can introduce mindfulness into all aspects of your life.

1 hr

5 Tip to Improve Resilience Workshop

A one hour workshop to introduce the importance of resilience to you whilst giving you tools and techniques on how to build your own resilience. An ideal introduction to resilience for anyone who may feel they are struggling to ‘bounce back’

1 hr

Mindset for Success Workshop

A one hour workshop which will look at how we can create a growth mindset, using proven strategies to help you set and achieve goals to help you become more successful at work and at home.

1 hr

The Problem with Loneliness Workshop

Despite us being more ‘connected’ than ever, more and more of us are expressing feelings of loneliness. Learn how loneliness can impact our mental and physical wellbeing as well as tools and techniques to help you combat loneliness.

1 hr

Improving Your Sleep Workshop

Sleep is fundamental for our physical and mental wellbeing. Research suggests that even two hours less sleep a night than the recommended average of 8 hours can negatively impact our wellbeing. Learn why sleep is one of the most important things we can do for our health and how to create healthier sleep habits and routines.

1 hr

Avoiding Burnout and Managing Stress Workshop

A one hour interactive workshop to help you identify the differences between stress and burnout and also learn tools and techniques to manage your own stress and avoid burnout. Learn how the brain deals with stress, understand why we sometimes ‘flip our lid’ and 5 powerful tools to reduce stress

1 hr

Interrupting Anxiety Workshop

Anxiety is something we have all experienced at some point in our life, whether it is feeling anxious for a specific event or more impactful daily anxiety. In this one hour workshop you will understand the causes of anxiety, how it impacts us and then learn practical tools to help you interrupt anxious thoughts.

1 hr

Understanding Shame Workshop

Shame is something which is said to impact 85% of us and is known to be a highly toxic emotion which can lead to low self esteem, negative thoughts, addictive behaviours, eating disorders and more. In this session you will learn what shame is, how it is created and the damage it can cause before learning powerful tools to help you overcome shame – and help others.

1 hr

The Power of Forgiveness Workshop

A one hour workshop that explores why learning to forgive others and ourselves could benefit us in more ways than we could imagine. You will learn why forgiveness is so powerful and, importantly, steps to help you begin the forgiveness process. 

1 hr

Introduction to Self Care Workshop

This one hour workshop where you will learn why being selfish can be a good thing, how to prioritise caring for your physical, emotional and spiritual health with a huge range of tools and techniques plus how to ditch the guilt for doing so.

1 hr

The Pursuit of Kindness  Workshop

This one hour workshop you'll learn how treating yourself and others kindly has been proven to increase our wellbeing, happiness, relationships and much more. This workshop will help you not only understand the theory of why kindness is so much more powerful than you may have originally thought but will also give you ideas for how you can bring kindness into all areas of your life.

1 hr


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