Payments & Refunds


There are two ways to make payments to access the wellbeing library.


The first payment option is through our monthly subscription service and you will be confronted with a page that looks like this.  

Subscription page.JPG

After selecting monthly or annual payments you will be re directed to a secure payment page. You can pay via card or now even using google pay or apple pay depending on your device.

payment information.JPG

You can read more about what each options allows you to access on our Accounts page.

The Second Payment option

This is for our buy now or single course options and this uses paypal. You will be redirected through to paypal to enter your details. Once this is processed we will continue through to the enrollment process. 

buy now.JPG


When purchasing the subscription option you are entering into a rolling monthly/annual agreement. We will not cancel your subscription without your permission but we do reserve the right to cancel at any time. 

To cancel your subscription you can process this request through your monthly receipts or contact us directly. 

Email us here

Call us here

If you choose to cancel your access will be closed immediately and you will no longer have access to the wellbeing library. We do not offer refunds for the subscription option. 


We do not offer refunds for any courses in our eLearning suite. To discuss further contact the email above. 

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