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Does this help or hurt me?

During therapy sessions with clients, there are some sneaky little tools and techniques which help in almost every situation and I find myself teaching them to clients over and over again.

One of my favourites, and a really simple one, is to consistently ask yourself ...

Does this help or hurt me?

This simple question can be applied in so many ways to help you make better choices for yourself from moment to moment.

Take the client grieving her loved one, sometimes listening to their song and looking at photos helps her and reminds her of the love they share. Sometimes, she finds herself listening to the song and looking at the photos as a form of harming herself, it's agony and yet she continues to do it.

Or how about the client that engages in emotional eating, asking himself this simple question before eating anything helps him feel more in control and helps him to make healthier choices.

How about the client who is struggling with social anxiety, sometimes reaching out to someone is exactly what they need, other times it causes them such anxiety that they would benefit from being kinder to themselves.

It is such a simple way to look at life but if you consistently make choices that help not hurt you, you will notice a huge change in how you feel.

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