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eBook: Interrupting Anxiety FREE

eBook: Interrupting Anxiety FREE

VAT Included

Practical Tools To Help Interrupt Anxious Thoughts


Do you wake up feeling anxious? Do you have a stream of anxious thoughts? Do you regularly feel 'on edge'?

All of us have an idea of what anxiety feels like. Whether we have felt anxious for an exam or we experience anxiety on a daily basis, we know how paralysing and consuming it can be. Yet many of us have no idea how to interrupt our anxious thoughts and regain control.

This practical book is filled with tools and techniques gathered from over a decade of experience within the field of wellbeing and personal development by the author, to help anyone struggling with anxiety to feel more in control.

You will also receive lots of tools to help and support others experiencing anxiety and even support and an enlightening view on panic attacks.


There is an action book that supports this book and is available on amazon here 

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