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Despite us being more ‘connected’ than ever, more and more of us are expressing feelings of loneliness. Learn how loneliness can impact our mental and physical wellbeing as well as tools and techniques to help you combat loneliness. 


Course Overview: 

Understand what loneliness is.


Realise why the brain triggers pain when we are isolated.


Look at the different types of loneliness and how they are experienced.


Understand why your inner critic is your worst enemy.


Gain tools to help manage loneliness.



Course duration is on average 60 minutes.

  • Course Objectives

    By the end of the course you will:

    1. Know why we are 'hardwired' to feel loneliness

    2. Understand the research behind loneliness and the importance of social connection

    3. Recognise that we can all feel loneliness in different ways for different reasons

    4. Know how to live with their inner critic 

    5. Have powerful questions to regularly ask yourself to manage your own loneliness 

    6. Understand why it is important to gather a web of connections 

    7. Know where to go for further help and support 

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    The email you confirm at payment will be used to as you log in details. 



    You will have unlimited access for 12 months to this course.