Return to Work Anxiety

Return to Work Anxiety

VAT Included

If you have been on a career break, maternity, long term sick or just returning to the office because of the pandemic then this course will help deal with any anxieties you might have. 


During this course we will look at;

1. Returning to the office

2. What is anxiety

3. How anxiety impacts us (emotionally and physically)

4. Why returning to work causes anxiety

5. 8 tools to effectively manage return to work anxiety


Course duration is on average 30 minutes.

  • Course Objectives

    By the end of the course you will:

    1. Understand why they may be feeling anxious

    2. Be able to identify what anxiety looks like

    3. Know the difference between healthy and unhealthy anxiety

    4. 8 ways to manage their anxiety:

    a. Plan Ahead

    b. Be Honest

    c. Set Boundaries

    d. Breathe

    e. Seek Positive Social Interactions

    f. Be Kind to Yourself

    g. Look for the Positives

    h. Ask for help

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    The email you confirm at payment will be used to as you log in details. 



    You will have unlimited access for 12 months to this course.