Your Confidence Boost 

Course info 

Your Confidence Boost focuses on giving you to the tools and techniques to make you feel more confidence in all aspects of life. 

You will be able to

By the end of the course you will:

  1. Understand the importance of your own confidence

  2. Understand why you might lack confidence

  3. Be aware of the connection between competence and confidence

  4. Have 5 proven tools to help boost their own confidence

What we cover

  • What confidence is

  • The difference between confidence and arrogance

  • Confident characteristics

  • Why we lack confidence

  • How the pandemic has impacted your confidence (this can be removed where appropriate)

  • Competence v Confidence

  • The 4 levels of competence

  • Our belief system

  • The success cycle

  • Limiting beliefs

  • 5 Ways to boost your confidence


3 Hrs




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