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"We believe that everyone deserves to feel happy and healthy"

About Us

At Beam we focus on bringing wellbeing, resilience and positive change to the workplace. We work with employers of all sizes, from corporates to small businesses, as well as with entrepreneurs and freelancers.


We offer a range of support from bespoke in-house training to a full suite of on-demand courses and workshops.


Our founder, Lianne Weaver, combines her extensive background in Human Resources and professional services with expertise in coaching and psychotherapy to design training that aims to empower everyone to become happier and healthier in their work.



Investing in your number one asset - your people - is crucial for your business to thrive.


For your business to be at its best your teams need to be healthy, effective and productive.


We are passionate about helping employers and employees take responsibility for their wellbeing.


We work with you to empower your teams with the knowledge, skills and tools to take care of their mental health and to manage the challenges that life inevitably brings.


Just like physical fitness, looking after your mental health and wellbeing needs ongoing care and attention.


Invest in yourself by subscribing to Beam’s eLearning Wellbeing Library, giving you access to a full range of interactive courses on topics including resilience, confidence, Imposter Syndrome and more - with new material added every month.


It’s designed to empower you to take care of your wellbeing at work whether you’re employed, run your own business or are a freelancer.

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