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At Beam, we work with organisations all around the world delivering three key products:


Longer term training programmes

Employee support

Wellbeing & Personal development workshops


Our wellbeing and personal development workshops can all be adapted to range from 45 minute lunch and learn sessions to 1.5 hour sessions and can be delivered in person or online.


We have workshops on a wide range of wellbeing and personal development topics and regularly create bespoke content for clients as well.


These workshops are constantly updated so please do get in touch if you would like something which you cannot see here.

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Breaking Bad Habits

The way we start our day often dictates the whole day, during this workshop learn how to create powerful habits, how habits are formed and gain helpful and powerful tools that you can easily implement to start off your day positively from the power of hydrating to cold showers!

Interrupting Anxiety

Anxiety is something we have all experienced at some point in our life, whether it is feeling anxious for a specific event or more impactful daily anxiety. In this one hour workshop you will understand the causes of anxiety, how it impacts us and then learn practical tools to help you interrupt anxious thoughts.

Breathwork for Focus

The key to working efficiently in today's world comes down to being able to focus and blocking out the unwanted distractions. In this one hour breathwork workshop we concentrate on how to change the breath to increase focus. When we have learnt how to focus and concentrate, we then look at how to improve the attention span whilst using the breath. We also address how sleep plays a vital role in our ability to increase focus

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