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Breath as Medicine?

Updated: Apr 14, 2022

For years, I have practiced meditation and mindfulness and known that our breath is a powerful tool to help focus our attention and calm us down. I have encouraged countless delegates and clients to slow down their breathing in a bid to help them calm down - in fact I think most of us have given that advice to an upset friend or family member at some point - but in all honesty, until a few years ago, that was about where my experience with breath ended.

This all changed after reading some books specifically focussed upon the breath and I learned that whilst every single breath we take is usually passive, each breath tells our brain how we are feeling. I also learned that many of us were breathing in a way that it was increasing many of our physical and mental health issues.

After gaining this knowledge, I became fascinated with the breath and then one day, we had a wonderful and fateful meeting with, in my opinion, one of the world's greatest breath experts Mr Ed Harrold which led me to realising that everyone needs to know how powerful their breath is!

Tom and I met Ed online a few years ago and quickly arranged a zoom chat, in that chat, Ed blew us away! Everything we had learned from our reading, our yoga practices and meditation was amplified a thousand times by Ed's knowledge and teachings.

We quickly connected and Ed became not only our teacher, we both completed Breath as Medicine facilitator training last year, but also one of our most trusted advisors, mentors and friends.

In short, everyone needs an Ed in their life!

Ed has a wonderful way of helping you understand that when you tune into your breath it can do so much more than just relax and focus the mind, as Ed says, we can use our breath as medicine. He teaches science based techniques to help people combat mental health challenges, physical health challenges and also improve athletic performance.

One of the simplest and yet most powerful tools I have learned from Ed is to practice the "ocean sounding breath" which is something that has revolutionised my breathing and health. You can watch Ed explain it here:

I truly believe that if we all tuned into our breath a little more we would learn so much about ourselves and improve countless aspects of our life.

If you would like to find out more about Ed (and I really recommend you do!) you can do so here Ed Harrold | Go Be Great | Breathwork & Performance Coach and if you would like a wonderful 40% off Ed's Breath as Medicine course to learn his amazing tools and teachings for yourself, Ed has kindly given us a code for you to use which is BEAM40.

You can also follow Ed on facebook or LinkedIn too!


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