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What Does Tom Actually Do at Beam?

This question comes up frequently, people who know Beam know who Lianne is, and so they should. Lianne has done an incredible job building the company, and for over a decade, teaching, supporting and coaching our clients in various ways. The company has developed from working out of a small therapy room in Newport to delivering well-being support to multi national organisations all over the world.

Despite our profile, we are sometimes asked the question "What does Tom actually do at Beam?" So here are some of the things Tom does and how you can work with him too.

eLearning and Digitisation of Beam Workshops

At Beam we have over 50 short workshops ranging from imposter syndrome to reducing stress at work, and for some of our clients we have developed well-being programmes that include a blended learning approach where we deliver workshops in person with supporting activities through eLearning. Tom is responsible for delivering the complete SCORM package to clients along with the tech support that goes along with our service. Our eLearning courses have be used by over 15,000 students throughout various organisations.

Therapeutic Coaching

You may have been supported in a 1:1 session with Lianne, but Tom is also an experienced qualified Therapeutic Coach helping men with obstacles they face in life. Trained in NLP, Time Line therapy, Havening Techniques, Optimize coaching and Advanced breathwork qualifications, Tom offers a unique approach to dealing with situations that we all face in life.

Breathwork Instructor

You might have been to a class in person or online or you may have just heard Tom speak about how you should be breathing through your nose and not your mouth. Tom is an Advanced breathwork instructor and facilitator who has trained with world leading experts in the field. Ice baths with Wim Hof, LSD breathing with Patrick McKeown or learning traditional Yogic breathing and performance breathing with American ex pro athlete and friend Ed Harrold. Tom's greatest passion is teaching people to use their breath to improve the quality of their health, from breath retraining for ex smokers, stopping snoring or reducing the symptoms of asthma. See our events page for upcoming classes or contact tom for a private session. Find out more at the Breath Library.

Corporate Workshops

Lianne is our primary trainer at Beam but Tom delivers workshops around men's mental health, self care and a range of breathwork sessions on reducing stress and anxiety, how to improve focus in the workplace and how understanding functional breathwork, can play a role in the work place.

If you'd like to know more about the workshops we deliver let us know here.


This book is based upon one of our popular workshops on how to reduce stress in the workplace. Tom co authored alongside Lianne to help create a practical guide on what to do in stressful or anxious workplace situations to help improve our response to these challenging situations. These 10 Steps to Less Anxiety and Stress at Work cover, how to identify the sources of stress, how to shift your mindset in a positive direction, how to improve communication, setting achievable goals, how to balance your work and personal life, dealing with conflict and celebrating your achievements.

You can get a copy from amazon and support us here or you can get a completely free copy here.

Now What ...

Thank you for finding out more about what Tom does at Beam, if you have any questions, would like to work with Tom or want to find out more then you can contact Tom directly here .

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