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Optimise Your Wellbeing - Case Study

Case Study

Optimise Your Wellbeing Day - Carmarthenshire County Council

Our brief 

“We want to learn how to weather the storm”.

We are looking for a ‘wellbeing day’ for the whole team, to be delivered in person.

Optimise your wellbeing 

We got to work by understanding the needs of the team, what challenges they are currently facing, reasons for absenteeism and what are the short and long term pressures they are under. 

By understanding what challenges the team are facing, we were able to build a day that created solutions and tools to deal with their unique situations. Wellbeing isn’t a one size fits all, which is why we cover as much as we possibly can giving a wide variety of ways to deal with work and home based obstacles. 

You can check out your employee wellbeing score here using our free assessment

Note: The current company average score is 62% 

Beam objectives 

  1. Create a learning environment that supports all.

  2. Create engagement for all. 

  3. Make it interactive. 

  4. Supply resources for ongoing learning. 

  5. Deliver an away day that is different and memorable.

  6. Provide lots of "takeaways" for people to implement change.

  7. Deliver something they will want to attend again.

Our clients return year after year and it is because we are easy to work with, we offer exceptional training and our team of trainers are passionate about delivering each topic.


On the day 

9:30 - 16:00 

Inc a few tea breaks and lunch.

Upon arrival we issued everyone with a book that we had created especially for the event, this was to be their guide for the whole day. The book contained a full of recap notes, exercises, pages for note taking and is full of links for additional support. We know that a whole day of any training course can be overwhelming so having a reference guide was deliberately designed to help trigger memories of what we spoke about during the day. This book was filled with more exercises, and support than we could have  delivered during the time, which set the intention of continued learning. 

When delivering a workshop our ultimate aim is to clarify and demystify the topics we are speaking about. First we understand, then we make it relatable and then we deliver solutions that are easy to remember. It isn’t any use to someone having a panic attack if they have to remember a 15 step process to deal with it. Our solutions are simple making them easy to put into practice. 

The Beam goodie bags that everyone received also contained:

A book on Radical Self Care by Lianne Weaver, a stress heart, pen, calming teas and a eye mask (the eye mask will make sense later on) 

The morning was all about understanding what wellbeing is and what it meant to everyone as well as exploring how stress, anxiety and worry affects us all. Before lunch we finished with exercises to calm the mind. 

After lunch is when we delivered a part of the course that no one could believe. We let them have a nap. 

This guided meditation has stacks of supporting evidence explaining why naps are beneficial and how they can improve our cognitive ability especially during the post lunch slump. 

The rest of the afternoon was filled with talking about the fundamentals of wellbeing and how we go about creating our own toolkit. 

Feedback from the day

100% of attendees found the content to be engaging and useful. 

“I found the techniques to calm my mind extremely useful, and I’ve continued to do them”

“Learning how to deal with my worries has been a life changing lesson”

“Understanding the circles of concern and influence is going to change how I see my challenges”

“I loved the book we got”

“I can’t believe I got to have a nap at work”

“I hope you are coming back to deliver more workshops like this”

We have also been delighted to hear that the conversations and learning has continued way beyond our session. These days help create more honesty, trust and compassion in the workplace which can help to transform it.

To further support learning beyond the day, we even provided the team with a whole host of resource files including pdfs, meditations and videos

Does your team need a bit of this?

Need a wellbeing day for your staff, get in touch here.

If you need something a little different then get in touch with us to discuss. 

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